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3 eCommerce Website Growth Steps

Aug 11,2018 | Jeff Jensen

3 e-Commerce Website Growth Steps is important, but don’t miss the podcast interview below with Brandon Kirkland about eCommerce. This will be the first episode of a two part series talking about eCommerce and improvements that you can easily do. Here is the top three things that you need to do to boost your results for your eCommerce website.

1. Use Beautiful Photography for Your Products and Services: This is where either a professional photographer, staged product or experience based photo’s and a high resolution camera are paramount to your companies success.

2. Simplify the Navigation of your Website: One of my clients is SuperSteer RV parts and they have focused on updating their Amazon store getting high quality images.

On their eCommerce store there was a lot of work to do making this cleaner and easier for a customer to buy. Just to the left of their product they ask the customer if they aren’t sure about buying a part and invite them to schedule a review of the customers vehicle. Social media icons distract customers frequently and the search function has a lot work.

Below their images their Amazon store has detailed descriptions and they are even working on adding helpful videos for installation and selecting the right product.

3. Send Traffic to your Site: Whether this is from organic traffic, social media or paid ads you need to be driving traffic and sending people to see how many sales that creates.

Without boosting the traffic you won’t know how website changes are to doing, be able to watch if customers are staying on the website and what pages are doing well, or see improvements in sales.

Think about this as real estate, if you have an office downtown or wherever there is a lot of traffic then you won’t get the benefit of people seeing your sign. In online marketing you can drive that traffic by paying rent for SEO, PPC, etc. to get people on your site.

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