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8 Essentials for Optimizing a Site

Aug 05,2019 | Jeff Jensen

8 Essentials for Optimizing a Site, for those of you that found this article and do not know what SEO is, click on the word SEO.

Websites need several things for optimization:

  1. Speed, Speed, and More Speed!
  2. Content with Keywords
  3. Tracking
  4. YouTube content
  5. Make images smaller
  6. Hosting
  7. Check for errors
  8. Build backlinks

Site speed can make or break your traffic. I’ve had sites lose 90% if a site was not fast enough.

This can be a site being too designed, insufficient hosting, etc. Just go to Google Speed Test to see your speed.

Content is always king and if you don’t believe me check out this article showing you how me writing new content and adding to blogs multiplies my track out in just 60 days.

Tracking includes Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Facebook Pixel’s, Hotjar, etc. This helps Google find you on numerous other areas and scan your site.

YouTube content serves you in several areas from building a channel for people to find you to running ads inexpensively that people can find you.

YouTube videos don’t need incredible SEO, but they do need to be relevant to your viewers/customers. YouTube also allows you to embed content on your site to reduce site lag.

Smaller images of 1000×1000 or less helps with your site speed, and when you upload them make sure they are titled the same as the article, page or keyword you are trying to rank for.

Your website host is critical so if you are doing a site for e-Commerce pick an e-Commerce host/builder like Bicommerce or Shopify.

If you are doing a site for selling services pick one for your industry or a wix/squarespace. If you are providing information wordpress could work as could a wix or square space.

Whoever built your site should do this, but check your site speed and connect Google Search Console to your analytics so you get told errors by Google.

Even if your web developer didn’t think they have errors Google will tell you about anything he or they may have missed.

Backlinks help with driving traffic if they are high quality. They help with connecting pages on your site to other pages for internal links and authority.

Check out our other article about SEO optimization techniques!

Feel free to ask questions in the YouTube video we are going to post for this.