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Blogging With Podcasting to Grow Your Business

Aug 25,2018 | Jeff Jensen

Blogging with podcasting to grow your business. That’s what I did this month and here were my results. I started by inviting people to be on my podcast at the end of July.

At the beginning of August I started blogging both for my podcast episodes as well as just to improve traffic and rankings of the website. The long term goal is to have consistent traffic coming to my website from organic things that I am doing.

Looking at the graph I had almost no traffic before the end of May when I started running ads. I stopped Ads at the end of July and started with my content strategy to show the difference. Each of those peaks in August is actually one of these blogs.


So even though this month I spent a lot of time blogging and having my programmer work on improving the site, 95.2% were new users coming to the site meaning that most of my users coming to the site are new. Some of these are my interviewees and people that I invited on the show checking out who I am before agreeing, but I have also converted some new customers from this.


So looking at the last month I am up 315 new users, but when I looked back over the last 3 months I was up another 286 new users from ads. That doesn’t factor new posts and unpublished posts that I am writing like this one.

Now are these new users the correct ones? Based on growing traffic in the U.S. the answer is yes, because that is my target market for businesses.

SuperSteerParts and Mycoformulas who are launching podcasts to grow traffic and credibility. I will take updated screenshots at the end of every month to show how growth is occurring.