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Bounce Rate Case Study

Aug 07,2019 | Jeff Jensen

In conjunction with the 60 day content case study we had to do a bounce rate reduction one because even in the first week of working our content strategy.

Looking at other professionals we are going to start with increasing readability for the next few days and then focus on speed optimization. How I determined this was looking at my breakdown in sessions.

Looking at mostly desktop users reading my site Neil Patel mentioned that content size and readability can be an issue. Size is just changing the font size, but readability is a score you get for using shorter paragraphs.

Depending on the site you are building on there are different SEO upgrades, plugins, etc. to help you determine the readability of your site.

Seeing a decrease in Mobile users can also potentially be correlated to my site’s speed which has an 83 on desktop and 49 on mobile as of this morning.

So if bounce rate decreases after this first test then I need to see if improving mobile changes my bounce rate/mix of traffic.