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Conversion Optimization Case Study SuperSteer Parts

Aug 29,2018 | Jeff Jensen

This Conversion Optimization Case Study is for SuperSteer Parts is based on an eCommerce business trying to turn things around after launching a brand new website earlier this year. The site’s functionality changes made searching for products a challenge.

We are going to start showing you the findings two weeks after installing hotjar and reviewing the data. We exported all of the files and screenshots to show where we were losing traffic.


Looking at the before results we see that SuperSteer is losing a lot of people on the product and cart page. We hypothesized that the issue was due to not offering Free Shipping and there was a left side banner that took up much of the page.

During the meeting reviewing what items we needed to change, the most important piece was the search functionality. The employees admitted that they occasionally use the site to find products for specific items.


This explains the huge drop off on the product page and the lower drop offs in the funnel on the Home and Store page. We see that people are mostly clicking the next page or trying to resort. This lends to the idea that we have an issue in the search functionality.

Next we see that people are mostly checking the shipping price on the add to cart page and seeing a price that they do not like so they abandon it.

We will be analyzing results over the next 3 weeks and reporting more information here. Check out our eCommerce Tips and Tricks.