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eCommerce Growth with Anthony Tran

Sep 06,2018 | Jeff Jensen

In eCommerce growth comes from preparing a website for success and planning for growth after the launch. Anthony in our interview talked about making a fully integrated site with email followup after forms are submitted, putting call to actions for improving conversion, search engine optimization and focusing on achieving a ROI from your website.

Next time we talk I would like to compare some sites that we have each launched and talk through our strategy about how we promoted them. As an example we are launching a new construction site and part of the strategy for promoting the redesign with new services is doing an article in the local paper.

Next we want to get an article in the state wide paper to grow traffic to the site from free publicity. Comparing this to say a podcast website launch would be perfect, because it compares how organically growing traffic online compares to routing traffic from traditional marketing.

As part of that same site launch we are going to be following an integrated SEO and Facebook marketing campaign to grow traffic to the site once we see free PR die down. This will be combined with an offline strategy of going to meetup’s and groups that help raise awareness about the company with potential investors.

This is similar to the strategy for where they are focusing on going to events that they can meet likeminded people versus trying to pay for target marketing. Usually this is because the targeting online is difficult to hone in on with ICO’s and in many cases is being denied initially because they are undefined areas.

What will be interesting about Elite Developer’s Facebook marketing is that they have a customer list, but also a huge price tag. This will be my first trial on selling high ticket offers from Facebook. Luckily, they have a fabulous mission of growing our area and building up things.