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Healthcare Lead Generation with Facebook Marketing and Funnels through Michael Pasha Media

May 05,2019 | Jeff Jensen

Facebook has made a number of changes over the last few years that affect both the price at which you get traffic at and how qualified that traffic is.

Today, we talked with a professional Facebook funnel lead generator who focuses on the health care industry. He builds a funnel and drives traffic from Facebook ads and posts to a landing page where he converts them into customers.

He doesn’t just stop there though, he also checks in with customers that you have lost and current customers to see how your business is really doing. This type of market surveying sometimes can be done by offering a $100 – $200 gift card for one lucky participant or $25 – $50 off every participants next bill.

In the episode Michael explains why Groupon is not the place for healthcare professionals to market, as well as why checking in with your current and past customers is so critical to the success of your business.

If you don’t know why you are losing someone you can’t make changes in your business to prevent it from happening again. We have done a couple of these types of surveys through a local vendor Capiche marketing and you can’t pay enough for this kind of data.

Michael Pasha is still seeing great results in traffic from changing up his targeting strategy and systematically changing one variable for every split test that he runs on the ads. This paired with his experience in the industry give him the knowledge of how to pivot appropriately to deliver amazing results to his clients.

The first place to start before you contact someone like Michael Pasha or myself is to know what the lifetime value of your customer is. Ex: how much does a customer typically spend with you per year times the number of years you keep them plus how many referrals you get from your customers.

If you haven’t been in business for very long this can be a tough thing to calculate so check in with a mentor or industry standards about their stats and see if you are keeping pace.

The key takeaways from the episode were:

  1. Know the value of your customer
  2. Know why you are losing customers
  3. Have a system for gaining new leads
  4. Facebook ads still work for healthcare
  5. Funnels still work for healthcare

So if you want more information from a professional working on lead generation in the healthcare industry contact Michael Pasha at