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How to Have Success on Amazon in 6 Steps

Jan 09,2019 | Jeff Jensen

How to Have Success on Amazon in 6 Steps including doing research, brand registry, running ads, building out great product listings, and gathering feedback.

Doing research on amazon consists of a few things. First you need to look up a product based on the keyword that you would use to find your product

Then you need to use Jungle Scout Chrome Extension to see what the competitors are doing for monthly sales volume. Make sure to account for the seasonality.

Ex: if you are looking at a toy during November or December it will have higher sales than in February or May. While, patio furniture will be highest in May and should be lower in November.

Watch the video here for how to use Jungle Scout and make sure to find 3 sellers that you want to emulate their enhanced brand content format

Once you have researched products and know that there is going to be a good opportunity then you need to make sure that you have a trademark for your business. 

A trademark will allow you to protect your product with registering your brand on Amazon.


Go through and submit a brand for registry like this


For optimizing your listing on Amazon make sure that your product is fully filled out like below


Once we have those two pieces filled out it’s time to build out your brand registry store.

From there we can run two types of ads sponsored and banner.

Now that sales are coming in we need to integrate an email marketing tool to get feedback from those who made the purchase and increase reviews for your product.

If you have further questions schedule a free consultation