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ICO Marketing Case Study for Gozo’s Initial Coin Offering

Aug 21,2018 | Jeff Jensen

ICO’s are a tricky thing so we are following them live and seeing how it goes and then helping with another one that launches in October to see that the tactics that work for one work for another. This is the ICO Marketing Case Study for Gozo’s Initial Coin Offering.

Obviously, the targeting, influencers, etc. will be different with ICO’s than with traditional marketing, but in marketing successful strategies that work will usually work for other projects.

This is why marketing companies that niche down succeed in a specific sector and then branch out to other niches. As an example I have most of my experience in the wine industry for strategies related to wine marketing.

Wine marketing is e-commerce based so I would be good at helping any e-Commerce company that has a physical product or subscription offering. Going back to Gozo though., started by going to conferences, meet ups, and just introducing people to what they were doing in person. They were building their team like other startup’s and designing the structure of the project while talking with other industry professionals.

Now they are ready to take things to the next level with online ads, influencers, PR, and have been growing followers on social media.

For ICO’s twitter, telegram, and Facebook they are focusing on Telegram. Twitter only has 11 posts, 14 accounts that they are following and 17 following them.

What I like to do with twitter for growth doesn’t require posting. It requires time spent on finding followers by following them first.

  1. Find people in the niche that you want to attract
  2. Follow as many channels as you can up to the point where you have to change your password
  3. Unfollow followers that haven’t followed you back within 3-5 days

Facebook has a similar number of posts and only 5 people following them and liking them including our like.

Their telegram channel in comparison has 20 members at this time, many of which are active throughout the day.

Gozo’s YouTube has one video up.