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LinkedIn Selling with LinkSelling Ad Agency

Sep 17,2018 | Jeff Jensen

In this interview we talked to Ben Kniffen from LinkedSelling a company geard towards driving revenue from LinkedIn strategies. They are one of the largest ad agencies specializing in LinkedIn.

They see LinkedIn as being at the same place that Facebook was a eight years ago and Google was almost two decades ago. Ad’s space is cheap to buy, highly effective, almost no competition for buying ads, and has phenomenal results with very specific targeting.

The ad’s are just part of the plan though, because you need to revamp profiles, create content and groups that build your value proposition and transition you into being an influencer, adding people to your network, then running ads and directly messaging people.

This is my profile before revisions

We are going to follow 3 – 5 new clients of LinkSelling’s to show how changes being made affect growth and why choosing professionals is critical for successful pivoting.