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The Best Web Design Trends Of 2019 – Plus, The Top 25 Web Design Agencies Who Can Implement Them, According To DesignRush

Mar 04,2019 | Jeff Jensen

Research shows that a brand’s professional website is a key component of its overall success. For instance, up to 75 percent of users judge a company’s credibility based on its website.

However, 88 percent of consumers online are less likely to visit a website again after a poor experience. In addition, 94 percent of negative feedback about professional websites is design related.

These studies demonstrate that website design is paramount to generating site traffic, improving brand awareness, and encouraging repeat conversions. And one way that brands can ensure their website remains modern, aesthetically beautiful and successful is by incorporating some of the newest web design trends., a B2B marketplace connecting brands with agencies, determined the top web design trends of 2019. These elements will help brands improve their user interface, user experience, conversions and more.

The top 3 website design trends of 2019 include:

1. Artificial Intelligence

In 2019, artificial intelligence will continue to permeate traditional website design to improve user experience and personalize brand interactions.

Web designs can incorporate artificial intelligence in several ways, such as:

  • Machine learning.
  • Personalization.
  • Product suggestions.
  • And more!

Studies show that three-quarters of users are more likely to buy from websites that personalize their experience. Therefore, incorporating AI into web designs will not only modernize professional sites but make them more profitable as well.

2. Unique Layouts

Unpredictable layouts can help foster a recognizable brand identity – which 77 percent of experts believe is critical to creating a successful brand.

Unique website layouts essentially break the traditional grid-like format with elements like:

  • Asymmetrical layouts.
  • Free-form design.
  • Brutalism aesthetics.
  • And more!

To effectively pull off a unique website layout, brands should:

  • Conduct extensive consumer research.
  • Learn if their consumers will appreciate a unique layout, or if it will burden them.
  • Balance the creative website layout with traditional elements such as intuitive navigation and simple checkout.

3. Custom Illustrations

Customers judge a website within 17 milliseconds or less, and custom illustrations and motion graphics are an effective way to grab their attention and implore them to spend time on a site.

One-of-a-kind animations and illustrations can be used to accomplish a variety of tasks, including:

  • Building a recognizable brand
  • Improving calls to action
  • Creating unique videos
  • Telling the brand story
  • Informing customers about something
  • And more!

“When brands invest in a modern website, they also invest in better user experience,” says DesignRush Founder and Executive Director Gabriel Shaoolian. “And when users enjoy visiting a website and interacting with the brand, they are more likely to actually convert and return to the site again and again, thereby increasing revenue.”

DesignRush’s Agency Listing section features the best local and global website design companies. Some of the top web design agenciesfrom around the world include:

1. Baldwin

Baldwin designs, develops and markets online businesses. Baldwin is a full-service eCommerce agency with offices in Ghent, Belgium and Cluj-Napoca, Romania. They collaborate with clients directly to develop, design and promote web shops from A to Z!

Visit Baldwin online at:

2. Baunfire

Baunfire is a digital design agency based in the heart of Silicon Valley. The agency continues to partner with leading global brands and forward-thinking startups to design and develop elevated platforms on the web. With over 20 years of experience in the digital space, Baunfire has partnered with a diverse group of high-profile clients, including Nike, Netgear, Cisco, Yahoo, and more. The agency is an eclectic mix of creatives, strategists, producers, and technologists, all with a shared obsession—to make great things that people love. As Baunfire continues to grow and take its capabilities to the next level, it aims to shape, challenge, and evolve the design culture in Silicon Valley and beyond.

Visit Baunfire online at:

3. Capsicum Mediaworks LLP

Capsicum Mediaworks helps its clients build their brand digitally. They have over a decade of experience working with startups, small and mid-sized businesses in India and Internationally. Backed by a strong team of skilled designers and developers and experienced SEO and content analysts, they deliver the best-in-class web-related services. The services they offer include website design, web development, mobile app development, eCommerce website design and development, SEO services, WordPress web design and development, PHP web development, social media marketing, logo design, branding, and explainer videos.

Visit Capsicum Mediaworks online at:

4. Cat60 Designs, LLC

Cat60 Designs is a digital marketing agency in South Florida. They specialize in SEO, SEM, PPC, social media marketing, website development, and website repairs. Cat60 Designs aims to deliver customers to their customers and believe that together with clients, they can build a strategy to meet each brand’s goals and budget. They build every website with SEO in mind and optimize every site to perform well on search engines. In addition, all of their work is backed by a 30-day money back guarantee. If clients are not satisfied with the services Cat60 Designs performs, they will refund their money or fix to their satisfaction.

Visit Cat60 Designs online at:

5. eDesign Interactive

eDesign Interactive is a full-service web agency with offices in Europe and the United States. They offer stunning websites, landing pages, and interactive campaigns. Their team uses the power of digital technology to engage its client’s audience, encourage sharing, and convert online traffic into loyal customers.

Visit eDesign Interactive online at:

6. ESKOR Werbeagentur

ESKOR Werbeagentur is an advertising agency for classical and digital communication. Since 2010, they have accompanied companies effectively and sustainably in all areas of their communication. They are curious and authentic, acting creatively and with entrepreneurial intelligence. Their team of strategists, developers, designers, and creatives have provided impressive results in more than 70 projects. Their clients include small and medium-sized businesses, corporations and startups.

Visit ESKOR Werbeagentur online at:

7. Fortunesoft IT Innovations, Inc.

Fortunesoft IT Innovations, Inc. is a web design and development services firm based in the USA, Singapore, and India. The company takes a noticeably different approach to its services, offering design and development to its clientele. They specialize in top-tier design and development using technologies such as iOS, Android, WordPress, Magento, Angular.js, Node.js, GDS Integration and more. They aim to find the fastest and most direct way that will help its clients to achieve success. They feature a certified web development team that is experienced and knowledgeable about all aspects of design and beyond. The company promises fast results, minimal risk, comfortable interactions and partnerships, and dedication to each client’s project so that the client can focus on other core aspects of the business.

Visit Fortunesoft IT Innovations online at:

8. HTML Pro

Headquartered in heart of Manhattan, with two international offices, HTML Pro is among the NYC’s top digital marketing and web design agencies helping startups, small businesses, eCommerce brands and more with their digital transformation, digital media marketing, website design, mobile app development, and more.

Visit HTML Pro online at:

9. IWW Digital Agency

IWW Digital Agency has two goals when they conduct business: To introduce potential clients to the depth and breadth of their experience and expertise, and then to partner with them in establishing their position as a viable contender in the internet marketplace. Their team maximizes each client’s return on investment by creating and implementing innovative interactive campaigns.

Visit IWW Digital Agency online at:

10. JTB Studios

JTB Studios specializes in user-intuitive web design that works towards their clients’ specific conversion goals. Their team starts with their signature creative briefing session to truly understand each brand and its objectives. After all, a website can say more about a business than any other piece of marketing. That’s why they believe in a user-centric design ethos that focuses on the user journey.

Visit JTB Studios online at:

11. Lounge Lizard

Established in 1998, Lounge Lizard Worldwide, Inc. is an award-winning digital agency located in NYC with offices in Long Island and Los Angeles. The agency was founded by Ken Braun, a well-known Madison Avenue MadMan responsible for the creation of well-known advertising and marketing campaigns. Lounge Lizard shines when it comes to conceptualizing inspired, inventive and engaging creative concepts, brand-friendly websites, powerful direct response strategies, mobile applications and ingenious digital marketing strategies that create hyper-growth for their clients. Lounge Lizard employs a full-service staff made up of marketing strategists, project managers, creative designers, copywriters, online marketing experts, and technical developers who have the expertise necessary to help clients retain and acquire new customers.

Visit Lounge Lizard online at:

12. Marcher Internet Marketing

Marcher Internet Marketing is a web design agency with over 6 years’ experience. They specialize in web design, social media marketing, and local SEO. All of the campaigns they build are custom. Many agencies require their clients to sign up for long-term contracts. But Marcher Internet Marketing doesn’t believe in long-term contracts. So, they offer their services on a month-to-month basis. Their mission is to provide small businesses with quality solutions at fair prices. They work collaboratively with each of their clients to ensure their marketing needs are being met.

Visit Marcher Internet Marketing online at:

13. Mountaintop Web Design

Because many small businesses struggle to be found online, Mountaintop Web Design developed comprehensive solutions that enable brands to be discovered so they can quit worrying and start running their business. They offer digital marketing, branding, professional web design and consulting services to their clients around the world.

Visit Mountaintop Web Design online at:

14. Nolte

Nolte strives to empower the world’s most forward-thinking companies to realize their goals through superior technology, service, and support. To do this, they rely on their clients to help them build an exceptional business as they live out their passion.

Visit Nolte online at:

15. Pedalo

Pedalo is a London-based web agency founded in 2000 with experience working across the not-for-profit and commercial sectors. They take a collaborative approach, partnering with clients and focusing on helping them reach their goals. Their services are designed to optimize digital communication strategies, integrate back-office systems, and empower clients’ teams to deliver great results to their customers. They offer a full range of services, from website management and support to complete design and development. They specialize in Drupal and WordPress, with a focus on system integration.

Visit Pedalo online at:

16. Pixelcarve

Pixelcarve is an award-winning full stack digital agency located in downtown Toronto. They help their clients define, communicate, and realize their visions. Every year, 2 million people experience websites that Pixelcarve designed and built. Their reputation is built on success, and their success is based on creativity. For almost 20 years, they have been producing world-class digital projects for best-in-class, high-end, and premium companies. Their core specialties are website design, video production, branding, design, and SEO inbound marketing. Pixelcarve is comprised of a team of iconoclasts who curate and deploy taste and technology to tell their clients’ stories. They do this in a way that impacts and influences their audiences to trust, respect, and love them. They believe that beauty is relevant, and that interactive experiences that are immersive and unique help make a better web.

Visit Pixelcarve online at:

17. PixelRocket

PixelRocket is a creative solutions firm that specializes in technology and design. When brands work with PixelRocket, they work with a partner, not just another digital agency. PixelRocket is transparent and upfront in their process, and only builds solutions that bring value. Since the beginning, PixelRocket has been a completely bootstrapped digital agency, meaning that they work on awesome projects that they want to work on with people they want to work with. They believe in relationships rather than transactions. PixelRocket’s entire team comes from an entrepreneurial background, meaning that they understand the operational aspects of running a business. They share their experiences and insights from their past ventures to ensure their clients’ success.

Visit PixelRocket online at:

18. Punch Bug Marketing

Punch Bug Marketing offers digital marketing strategy, web design and development, paid search marketing, custom email campaigns, search engine optimization, and graphic design. They work hard to develop cost-effective strategies that will truly make their clients’ businesses stand out from the crowd.

Visit Punch Bug Marketing online at:

19. Sam Web Studio

Sam Web Studio is India’s leading digital marketing, web design, and application development company offering quality web solution services for the global entrepreneurs. They specialize in developing professional websites and applications that are easy to navigate, attract viewers and generate business for their clients by effectively conveying their message. Their website design services include solid graphic design skills, high-end programming for website applications, and cutting-edge website optimization techniques.

Visit Sam Web Studio online at:

20. Seota Digital Marketing

Seota Digital Marketing is focused on executing internet marketing strategies that create measurable results for their clients and an entrepreneurial and creative environment for their team members. They believe in only helping businesses that they like and respect and they take pride in their client’s success.

Visit Seota Digital Marketing online at:

21. TinyFrog Technologies

TinyFrog Technologies is a San Diego-based web agency, specializing in WordPress web design and development, secure hosting and maintenance, and search engine marketing. Founded in 2003, TinyFrog has built over 1,100 websites and has worked with almost every industry. Their goal is to build a website for their clients’ businesses that reflect the personality of their brands and engage visitors on the highest level. Some features of their web design program include integrated marketing strategy, custom design by UX/UI designers, and more.

Visit TinyFrog Technologies online at:

22. Today’s Local Media

Today’s Local Media started with a simple idea: Put customer service first and always deal with local business owners honestly. Since 2012, they have helped hundreds of clients grow their business. Today’s Local Media knows that brands have a lot of choices for marketing and website design services, but they need confidence that they are working with the right team. That is why Today’s Local Media takes pride in working with their clients from day one.

Visit Today’s Local Media online at:


UNINCORPORATED is an LA-based branding agency focused on web design, ad creatives, and digital marketing. They help brands achieve their goals by enhancing the way they think and communicate. UNINCORPORATED is proud to offer a full range of creative services that support their client’s creative, branding, and marketing efforts. They have a proven track record to achieve the highest results for their clients while amplifying their current strategies and extending their in-house capabilities. UN is led by Ian Evenstar and comprised of designers, developers, producers, and marketers that are serious about delivering the best solutions and results to their clients.

Visit UNINCORPORATED online at:

24. WebFume Technologies LLC

WebFume Technologies LLC is a website design and online marketing company based in California. They believe in creating success stories for law firms around the country. They began in September 2016 with a vision to provide sustainable support to firms who are new to the digital world and are striving to find a strong footing in the competitive market. Having started many different ventures, they understand that there are initial hurdles in any business that can discourage startups and entrepreneur lawyers alike. With that in mind, WebFume Technologies LLC aims to put entrepreneur lawyers at ease, as well as assist the already established firms that are looking forward to having a stronger web presence and increased online sales. To accommodate various types of law, they offer customized digital marketing and website solutions that best suit the requirements of any segment of law. Their company stands synonymous with quality, integrity, and responsibility.

Visit WebFume Technologies LLC online at:

25. Zwebra Web Studio Inc.

Zwebra is a creative digital agency founded in 2009 by four enthusiasts. Through the years, they have been growing steadily and now have over 25 specialists working for them in two offices – one in Canada and one in Ukraine. Their services include custom web design, digital marketing, mobile app development and more.

Visit Zwebra Web Studio online at:

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