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Thinking about Podcasting to Grow Online Traffic?

Aug 19,2018 | Jeff Jensen

Thinking about Podcasting to Grow Online Traffic? This week we interviewed John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire who has made over 4 Million Dollars in less than 4 years and interviewed over 2,000 successful people from Tony Robbins to Russell Branson.

People like JLD, Scott Voelker, and Anthony Tran left me Thinking About Podcasting to Grow Online Traffic.

In the podcast JLD definitely schools me with tips and tricks for being a better interviewer and have a better podcast.

I was so nervous I started off introducing JLD instead of saying my own name. It’s ok because this interview gave me a game plan.

1. Go through JLD’s free courses free trainings.

2. Buy JLD’s $850 course

3. Take the other 3 podcasts that I am helping launch and using all of them as case studies.

4. Invite JLD back to discuss the case studies and how we can pivot to improve results.

I decided to start this podcast the last week of July and got so many yes’s from people I wanted to interview that I decided I needed to get started and grow. I also decided to write a blog post per day in August.

Then while discussing my interview with Ziad Nassar he mentioned turning our interview into a case study and the direction was clear. There are a lot of podcasts discussing online marketing. Very few are analyzing results on the show.

So we are going to post and add checkins about how we pivoted and what we needed to do to improve results for our clients and those who want free help. This will improve how long our blog posts are and give you specific examples of how we grew channels for different industries.

This podcast interview taught me a lot and now my interviews are adjusting to ask for our interviewees to share with their audiences, getting more specific with our questioning, and niching down by providing the ultimate value of free examples including images, audience targeting, etc.

Comment below with what you would like to learn next!

The Podcasts that we are helping launch are:

Tiffin Time with Rich Scott and Michael Demith from Henderson’s Lineup and Super Steer Parts

To Be Determined with Eric Cerecedes CEO of Mycoformulas and Indomira

To Be Determined with Brock Scott CEO of Elite Developers

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