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Top 4 Questions to Ask Your Web Developer

Aug 03,2018 | Jeff Jensen

Are you rebuilding your website and wondering what to ask the website developer or company you are hiring? Or have you just finished developing a website and aren’t seeing any results after months of anticipation? In my recent interview with Anthony Tran who own’s Marketing Access Pass we discussed what are the top 4 questions to ask your web developer.

  1. Ask for samples of work that are in your industry and one’s that you like based on filling out a website questionnaire.
  2. Ask for references from past customers. Someone can have great Google reviews, but knowing what customers say after they were initially happy is important.
  3. Ask for results of the website’s that they built. You want to see how the performance went for client’s after the build.
  4. Ask what is included in your quote and make sure they have different people on the team to build different sections.

Samples of work would ideally be form your industry, but if you really like their work in other industries and they come highly recommended then that is not as important.

References are going to be the one’s that are happy, but if they come up with them quickly, they are a combination of recent and older and in abundance then you will be more likely to have a good experience.

Results can be varied, but if you are going to spend thousands to tens of thousands on website development then you definitely want a return for a seasoned company that has results to make a build worthwhile.

Asking what’s included in the quote is important because you want SEO, Content writing, possibly an original design, and analytics all built on a platform that automatically updates without consistent issues.

The last part may seem like common sense, but building on a platform like wordpress can break from time to time based on plugin updates. Meaning you’ll have to pay after you figure out that the site or part of the site is down for however long.

The amount of work required to build a website with a beautiful design and all of the other pieces means that you can’t do this with a one man operation. Anyone trying to do it all will be bad at multiple parts. I have a graphic designer who makes gorgeous sites, but the SEO, analytics, etc. are all non existent. So what’s the point because you have a site that for the most part won’t be seen.

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