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Website Checklist Before You Contact A Webdeveloper

Sep 16,2018 | Jeff Jensen

Website Checklist Before You Contact A Webdeveloper. When you are considering building this is a checklist for getting everything together that you need before you go to a website developer.


  1. Your Brands Story – This is so helpful if we know why you went into business, how you got started, and what your big goal is.
  2. Example Sites that you like and why.
  3. Original Photography – This is major and if you don’t have it then getting it close to when you start is imperative.
  4. Video Content that you want or need should be reviewed to ensure that it fits with the messaging.
  5. Website hosting, domain, ssl if necessary, etc.

Your Brand or Business has a goal, story, vision, etc. that you need to hone to get lot’s of people to buy your products or services.

Think of how much more likely you are to buy a brand that resonates with you like Tom’s versus Kirkland.

Example sites will help you in both picking a website development company that has the skills to make it as well as in getting an accurate quote.

If you want a Ferrari that looks like BearGrylls versus if you want something like this V3Tribe.

Original photograph allows advantages both in SEO and in improving conversions on the website.

People want to look at a clear images that are appealing before they buy independent of whether it’s food or a truck part.

Website hosting is where your website is stored kind of like having a warehouse.

The domain is more like a mailing address or PO Box. An ssl is necessary for additional security if you are selling items from your website or storing customer data.

When you are building a website your developer should provide you with an intake form like the one below. Once you have filled it out, gotten a quote and accept you whether or not you picked a custom design and how many pages you wanted to be customized will determine a delivery date. A designer will normally take a couple weeks to get something to you and any changes you want should be requested at that time. Besides the top five things you need to start a website you also need to know five other key pieces.

  1. When you want complicated features like moving pieces, video playing in the background, quiz’s, etc. you also add time to develop the site.
  2. Once you approved a design making ongoing changes is not only counter productive, but it prolongs your time to market, which costs you money. Think about asking for changes to your food order every 5 minutes after you place the order.
  3. Whatever is built can be improved. I know you made a new website, but you can always improve and a web developer can’t tell you their original design is going to convert even though it may look very pretty.
  4. Just because you built it doesn’t mean people will come. You need to continue to improve the site with adding content, backlinks, driving traffic with ads, etc.
  5. Build a launch strategy. Are you going to ask for an interview with the newspaper or tv station? Can you launch a new product with the website to email customers about or run a promotion? Find influencers or people who can drive traffic for a commission. Have your ads ready, etc.

All of these will help to make money from the investment. Even if you get someone to build a cheap website that means that they didn’t do everything or you were paying them a very low rate. If they didn’t do something like setup Google Analytics, do any SEO or make a Facebook shop, you won’t know until you need someone to try to make you money and they start poking around.

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