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Why is Geo-Targeting Important?

Aug 04,2018 | Jeff Jensen

Why is geo-targeting important? Explains Geo-targeting and then talks about why ads, customers, and you benefit from geo-targeting.

For everyone that does not know what the definition of Geo-targeting is, here is one from is: Google’s way of assigning a geographic location to a particular website in order to show searchers more relevant local information. Google knows where every search is coming from through their IP address or GPS location on a mobile device. Then Google filters the search results based on your location to find the most relevant results. This is why searches are usually ending with near me like coffee shop near me or food near me. So Why is Geo-targeting important?

Geo-targeting is important for 3 main reasons:

  1. Customers get ads that are relevant
  2. It reduces initial cost to acquire a customer
  3. This makes sure that people searching for your business in your area find you first

When you define your ideal customer in business the very first thing that you need to do is figure out what criteria describes them. For me one of our demographics is in the Wine Industry, So we target wineries with Capiche Wine Marketing through emails, ads, phone calls, etc. For a hair dresser it would be people looking for a haircut within a certain radius that are women between the ages of 22 – 60. This targeting allows you to test if that is the appropriate customer and reduces the cost because I don’t want to target all businesses and the hair dresser doesn’t want to target men outside of the radius. This reduces the cost as well because you aren’t spending money on potential customers that don’t fit with who you want to target.

For customers getting an ad for a haircut when they searched for haircutters or barber near me makes them happier because they are only seeing an ad that relates to what they are looking for. This increases the chance of that customer clicking on the ad and booking an appointment.