Website Checklist Before You Contact A Webdeveloper. When you are considering building this is a checklist for getting everything together that you need before you go to a website developer.

The Website Content CheckList

  1. Your Brands Story – This is so helpful if we know why you went into business, how you got started, and what your big goal is.
  2. Example Sites that you like and why.
  3. Original Photography – This is major and if you don’t have it then getting it close to when you start is imperative.
  4. Video Content that you want or need should be reviewed to ensure that it fits with the messaging.
  5. Website hosting, domain, ssl if necessary, etc.

Your Brand or Business has a goal, story, vision, etc. that you need to hone to get lot’s of people to buy your products or services.

Think of how much more likely you are to buy a brand that resonates with you like Tom’s versus Kirkland.

Example sites will help you in both picking a website development company that has the skills to make it as well as in getting an accurate quote.

If you want a Ferrari that looks like BearGrylls versus if you want something like this V3Tribe.

Original photograph allows advantages both in SEO and in improving conversions on the website.

People want to look at a clear images that are appealing before they buy independent of whether it’s food or a truck part.

Website hosting is where your website is stored kind of like having a warehouse.

The domain is more like a mailing address or PO Box. An ssl is necessary for additional security if you are selling items from your website or storing customer data.