Why Video Production Will Boost Your SEO and your ?

Think of video marketing like one of the ultimate forms of SEO. Looking at YouTube every view improves the video’s rankings, which in turn improves any pages that you have the video embedded on.

Video marketing is great for so many forms of growth from email marketing to website rankings and even stand alone situations. An example is when you are growing a channel with subscribers and monetizing that feed on YouTube or another social media platform.

So below are video statistics about social media, device usage, etc. We will add more statistics as time goes on to help show growth over time and for different applications.

Video Marketing Statistics by Volume

Statistics on Mobile Video Marketing

Check Out Our Interview with Seth Benham for more information about video marketing or his site at Novum Visual’s.

We also will be creating some original with Seth and showing how important high quality content is for improving sales.

Video Conversion Rates