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Conversion Optimization Case Study Part 1 with Brandon Kirkland of Epic Shops

Jan 15,2019 | Jeff Jensen


We analyzed SuperSteer parts as well RoxyAnn winery. The site speed for SuperSteer and some downtime the company had last year. Ironically, their Google analytics show’s people coming to the site even when it wasn’t working.

Last year they launched a new site that had speed optimization issues, a difficult search and a few other items that made the site’s usability decrease.

We were hired to fix this towards the end of August and it took until the middle of January for all of the main issues to be fixed. We have a couple of really cool other things that are launching this year to improve functionality and improve everything further.

As you can see between that and some SEO that started in March we are up 33% for users that are having more sessions even though the session time went down 20%. With that many new users the number of sessions and duration can be subject to a downturn.

The important part is that e-Commerce sales are up triple digit percentages because with the corrections we made conversion optimization changes based on Brandon Kirkland’s suggestions to the shipping of their own products so that they were free.

Changes to the product page and checkout process were also made. Channel’s such as Amazon were improved which also led to triple digit growth with us being on track to double last year. Once we add WalMart and a few other’s this will make next year just as good.

Unfortunately, this year product was run out of for 3 weeks of prime season so we don’t know what the true sales would have been.

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